A pleasing increase in numbers last weekend.  The kids are certainly showing the benefits of a few months of training.  An exciting month coming up in May with the visit of Dan Jackson, along with a trip to Bangkok to play against other teams in the region.  

Dan Jackson - Richmond Football Club Visit

Don't forget that Dan Jackson from the Richmond Football will be at training all day on Saturday 10th May as a guest of The Sharks.  Dan is the current Richmond Club Champion & was the inaugural winner of the Jim Stynes Community Award in 2012. Dan is on the Australian board of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organisation, which mentors young people.

He is also an ambassador for Headspace, a national mental youth foundation, and is a guest speaker for Step Back Think, which campaigns against violence.

Dan will be at training for the day to assist with the coaching and offering tips to the kids on improving their skills. 

We look forward to seeing you all at training to support this day.

Singapore Sharks present a night with Dan Jackson

The Sharks AFL proudly present a very special members evening with Dan Jackson at the Dallas Bar on Saturday the 10th May from 7.30pm.  

The night gives all Sharks members the opportunity to meet one the leading players in the AFL and will include a Q & A session with Dan, replay of all the AFL matches from the day, 2 hours of free legendary Dallas finger food and happy hour beer & wine prices all night. A token admission charge of $20 pp for the evening. A great night that should not be missed!!

Numbers are strictly limited to 80 and please RSVP to sharksfc@ais.com.sg

Sharks Annual Dinner and Trivia Night

The Singapore Sharks 2014 Dinner & Trivia night was held last Saturday night and what a night it was.  This year we had over 280 guests - double our previous years. The committee made a decision earlier in the year to find a bigger venue and our thanks to David Donald and his staff at the Park Royal -Beach Rd who did a fantastic job throughout the evening.

Our thanks also go to our MC - George Cooper who did an outstanding job keeping the night flowing and his wife Trish for the putting the questions and powerpoint presentations together. Nights like these aren't a success without the support of our generous sponsors who donated a host of wonderful prizes, and to the people who were successful in winning the bid on our live and silent auction prizes, congratulations and thank you for your support.

Unfortunately for one reveler, there is a missing jacket from the night – black, Donna Karan brand. If you have found this please email sharksfc@ais.com.sg 

The money raised will not only help the club create lifetime experiences for our kids like bringing a current AFL player to Singapore in Dan Jackson (see below), helping our coaches with certifications to upgrade the skills and abilities of the club, but also help with the ongoing costs of running the club and keeping the prices for our kids the best value for money club in Singapore. Trips to Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Bali & the trips inbound later this year of Bali and hopefully HK (more to follow) have not been subsidised with the exception of tournament fees, ground hire, bus transportation and other such small incidentals. We are constantly looking at ways to upgrade the facilities, coaching skills, player participation and general community experiences surrounding the club so we are all ears. Ideas can be sent to sharksfc@ais.com.sg or speak to a committee member any Saturday at footy.

This weekend also sees the annual SSFC vs Wombats 9 a side competition held at AIS. There is no change to the schedule for all players with the exception of Grade 6+ who are asked to start 30 minutes earlier at 4.30pm. Everyone is invited to join on the sideline to barrack for the sharks. This is a lead up to the annual Bali Masters 9-a-side competition, where this year the Sharks will be fielding a team in the Division 2 league, as well as fielding players in a combined Audo-United team alongside Wombats members in honour of Nick Auden, past Sharks and Wombats member.

Also in May, the Bali Geckos will be bringing a number of juniors to Singapore to compete against the SSFC. We will hold a footy carnival on this day so stay tuned for more information.

From the Oval

This week saw the game time increased for the oval groups. It is fantastic to see the skills that have been taught and practised over 14 weeks being demonstrated in the games. Most weeks will now incorporate skill and game time. We are looking at having a “Game Day” on May 24th to coincide with a visit from the Bali Geckos to take on our Year 6+ boys. More information will follow as we will be asking for you to register prior to this day in order to have teams and coaches organised in advance. The season is flying by and we are now moving into our last six weeks of the season. It is great to see the enthusiasm is still high among the kids and their coaches and we will look to continue this with the opportunities to increase game time.

Our first lightning delay for the year on Saturday. A reminder that we follow the AIS policy in this and can only return to the oval 15 minutes after the last lightning strike. We ask for your assistance in keeping children under cover in the event of a lightning break as we are doing for their safety.

Dale Carmody

From the Gym:

It was good to see that the numbers were back up this week in the Big Gym after varying holiday interruptions. The focus for the Pre-schoolers was on handballing and movement skills. We are starting to see more consistency with the handballing skills, especially around contact, though more practise will need to be continued around accuracy and power. Movement, balance, agility and landing are all key fundamental motor skills seen in football, and the kids seem to really enjoy their time on the mats moving and landing in different ways. Some key teaching points to assist you with the kids at home are: Handball – ball on the platform hand, waist height (not up around the chest); strike with the thumb and index finger side of the closed fist; and, catch the fist after striking the ball. Movement – use peripheral vision; pushing off with the feet to change direction; and keep eyes up, don’t look down.

The focus for the Preps was about kicking. After a few quick goes at Rollerball, the kids partook in 6 circuit activities to challenge them and implement skills learned. Again, the contact with the ball is much more consistent, but there is still a focus on accuracy and power used. As well as this, we are looking to get the kids to start combining different fundamental motor skills (running, jumping, landing, etc) with gross motor skills (kicking, marking, handballing, etc), so that they are moving while doing skills instead of stop-start actions. Some teaching points to use at home to improve technique with kicking are: ring fingers down the side seams of the ball; points of the ball up and down, not at the belly button; kick the bottom point of the ball; and point the toes towards the target.

Again, my continual thanks goes out to all parent-coaches that assist every week, even when I tap some on the shoulder at the last minute to assist. It’s greatly appreciated.

Ian Forbes


* Thanks to our volunteers on the BBQ last week, Andrea, Awatif, Chris Chelliah and Chris Gray.

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