Weekly Schedule and Upcoming Events

  • Hong Kong Dragons Vs Singapore Sharks @ Shark Park Carnival Day Saturday 21st May….Teams will be advised closer to the day!
  • Friday Night Under Lights Games – Friday 27 May –so no training on Saturday 28 May
  • Bali 9s Masters 11 & 12 June for the Dads
  • Footy Breakup & Trophies Day – Saturday June 4
  • Last Sharks Training Footy Day for 2016 Saturday June 18
  • ‘Lightning Rounds’ Competition Starts Saturday July 23rd

Last Saturday’s Sharks Inter-Carnival Clash was great to watch from the sidelines, with our kids putting those weeks of practice into play, and boy didn’t we have some great Clashes! Was even great to see our Little Sharkies having a few games in the gym chucking the ‘egg’ around sporting some great ‘kicks for goal’ and we all witnessed some good handballs too! Bring on HK Dragons – we are ready! A big Thank you to all involved to make our Carnival run so smoothly – from Team Coaches, umpires, Sidelines cheer Squads, Mum & Dad supporters, BBQ helpers -  we couldn’t do it without you, so High 5 to you all – a great Sharks Community effort. Details of the ‘wins’ below under coaches write ups & we have some fabulous photo shots of the day and of Matt White's visit on the Sharks Flickr album – grab a minute to check out your AFL Stars.  

From the Oval  In the famous words of Ray Kinsella “If you build it they will come!” People came from far and wide, we had ourselves a carnival and we had a blast. Saturday saw us run the interclub practice matches in preparation for Hong Kong in two weeks. Not only in preparation for Hong Kong but it was an opportunity to showcase our developing skills and ability to play ‘our’ game. It was great to see all Auskickers participate in the carnival day in great spirits and also to parents and coaches who supported the day. I would like to thank Dennis Cornwell and all coaches and umpires who took on a role to assist in the success of the day. Across all ages we had some very tight games, where emotions were heightened, coaches were stressed and Auskickers showed true dedication to their team. Congratulations to all involved as it was a brilliant day, highlighting some great individual efforts but also incredible sportsmanship, which is what we’re all about.

U7 – Heggers Heroes / Great Whites

I may have overseen some names when putting the teams together late Thursday night! Hegger’s will tell you it was his unparalleled coaching expertise but the Great Whites went through undefeated. We had three teams where all teams played each other but with such a strong team we played a Great White’s v All Stars.  

U9 – Coach Zdun / Makos

Coach Zdun led his team from the front without dropping a game. Auskickers played 4 games throughout the hour with all teams notching up a win, which was great. The skills and quality of matches in the U9’s continues to improve and I am really excited about the enthusiasm and commitment Auskickers are showing towards their football.

U11 – Coach Thommo & Coach Marty / Hammerheads

With a communication breakdown Thommo and Marty stepped in as interim coaches to a team that was rating themselves quite highly. With three teams in the pool each team played each other with a final to be played at the end. It couldn’t get much tighter then this as the decider to play in the final was a dead heat and we played a golden point rule. The Hammerheads were lucky to get through undefeated but were a class act.

12+ - Coach DD / Reef

There was a lot of banter throughout the week with the 12+’s and some old foes going toe to toe with the clipboards. We shuffled some players around prior to the match and Coach Damian stepped in after a shattering and narrow loss in the U11’s. Much to his horror we again had a nail biter. The Auskickers played four ten minute quarters, which was the longest game they had played this year. They all played under fatigue and the game came down to the wire with two points in it with one minute left. Coach DD made some genuine supercoach moves by stacking the midfield and coming out with the chocolates in the end. It was a brilliant game, where all involved gave their best and football was the winner.

Congratulations to all involved in a successful and wonderful day. Bring on Hong Kong Dragons.

Coach Murph

From the Gym  Last Saturday was Carnival Day, not only for the players outside, but also for the players in the Gym. The U6’s took part in their own friendly competition of modified AFL and the U5’s did it their way, just a bit differently, with station work and attempt at a game for the last 15 minutes. The U6’s played 8-a-side on the basketball courts, trying to apply the rule of possession football – if it’s in your hands, it’s your ball to kick or handball without interference. There was a fantastic level of skill on display and it’s great to see the  players implementing the skills they have been learning throughout the year in a game situation. This was the first time that they’ve been able to do this and it’s something that we will try again in the weeks remaining. The U5’s applied the skills of kicking, handballing, marking and spatial movement together to achieve an outcome, mainly through a target of some sort. Again, the players are demonstrating improved skill as they continue to combine gross and fundamental motor skills together. All in all the kids had a blast trying to get goals for their team – definitely a ‘must’ for games in the last few weeks for these Sharkies.

Cheers, Coach Stevo

Hong Kong vs Sharks Carnival Clash……Saturday 21 May

Last Saturday’s Sharks Inter-Carnival was a great practice for our up and coming clash with Hong Kong Dragons in 2 weeks time. Don’t forget to nominate your players for our Inter Asia AFL Clash by emailing to sharksfc@ais.com.sg please title the email HK Carnival Rego, add your child’s name & age group. Teams will be arranged and published on Facebook & via the newsletter before the event!  The Carnival will ‘kick-off’ from 12pm with a real ‘Carnival’ atmosphere. Times as follows.

-          Dads' Game – Noon
-          U9s – 1pm
-          U11s (main oval) & U7s (junior oval)  – 3pm
-          U12s+ - 4.30pm

We welcome all families to hang around after the games for some drinks, watch the AFL on TV and mingle with our Hong Kong visitors.  The BBQ will be on all day however feel free to bring along some drinks & nibbles – Beer & Wine will also be available for our supporting ‘Mums & Dads’ to kick back and to admire our Trophy win!

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