An emotional Saturday for many with the commemoration of the 100th year since the landing at Gallopi.  Thank you to those who attended the dawn service, where the Sharks laid a wreath, and to those that paid their respects during the Auskick sessions.  Back to the field, where this Saturday, we will be joined by Adelaide Crow star Andy Otten.  We encourage a big turn out to gain some valuable insights, there will be photo and autograph opportunities.  After Auskick on Saturday, all coaches, committee members and parents are invited to the Park Royal where we will be having finger food and drinks at the pool bar commencing around 7pm.  The AFL (replayed from early in the evening) will projected on to the big screen.

Social Media – Given the positive feedback we have been receiving around pictures on the kids playing football, we will start posted these to Facebook each week. Please ‘Like” us on our new page => Search for 'Singapore Sharks AFL'

Thank you to our BBQ volunteers last week, Karen, Victoria, Michaela and Ann.

Carnival Day 2015

It's game time.... Carnival Day kicks off on Saturday, May 30th.  Age groups U7's (Junior school oval) U9's, U11's & 12+.  Each will be allocated a coach for the day and nickname eg: Hammerheads. Competition will be a round robin format.  Each child must register by emailing: with name and age group.  Cut off date for registration is 25th May.

From the Gym

ANZAC Day is normally a time for reflection and respect for those that have been part of war, and to many, have laid down their lives so that we may have a better future. Many sit down and watch the Collingwood v Essendon game whether they follow either team or not, just for the love of the game……or to watch the PIES get up! This week, we had the U5’s and U6’s come to Auskick as they do most Saturday’s to learn varying AFL skills and have fun, and it’s a good thing they did too as we got the crash mats back out trying to take a specky!

The theme for the U6’s this week was kicking, with some other skills mixed in. It’s often difficult to have kicking skills without marking skills also. At this age, often making contact with the ball can be difficult as timing the drop and striking out of the hands is not a natural movement; however, with continued practise and repetition this skill, like many others, improves over time. With remaining session,s we will look at combining different AFL skills that we have covered this year into one. The U5’s theme was on movement and handball. This started with a good old game of Wreck-It-Ralph before continuing out station work. Contact with the ball when handballing has improved immensely, now it’s time to continually rectify the technique for better efficiency.

Here are some teaching strategies for those playing at home.

  • Kicking: ring fingers down the seems of the footy, arms extended (especially for those who kick with the knee), point the toes towards the target when kicking.
  • Handballing: bend at the waist, ball on the platform hand, shallow backswing of the striking fist, catch the fist when striking (no massive follow-through).


Coach Forby

From the Oval

Firstly, thanks to Coach Naismith for stepping in this week.

A mixture of game simulation and drills inside the gym as the lightning put a dampener on the oval play.  The skills on the oval highlighted the value of training as the kids showcased their improving skills.  We were a little light on for coaches this week, so encourage parents to come down and help out if possible.


Coach Naismith

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