Welcome back to all our Sharks from the short break, continuing on our regular scheduled Saturdays till the end of the season, with a little bit of ‘Games under lights’ in between!  We can’t believe we are hitting ‘mid Sharks-season’ already! Time certainly does ‘swim by’ in Sharkies training world!  10 weeks in and there is a really noticeable big skills jump with all the kids, looks like the drills have been paying off with some great handballs, kicks & plenty of goals had on Saturday out on the field…even our little Sharkies are getting a good grip on that ball!  So it’s now time to put all those drills practice into action with some games & competition!  We have plenty of ‘Carnival Days' lined up in the coming weeks to show those skills in a team effort so please nominate your kids for the coming games & pencil in your diaries the dates below for some serious ‘Shark Attack’ action! (please note a few changes of dates & events below as we’ve juggled things around to accommodate our special AFL Guest Visit! – details below)

AFL Level 1 Coaching Course – This Saturday 23 April from 9am – all Coaches/Parents welcome to come along and get your accreditation!  Please email your interest by Friday to sharksfc@ais.com.sg

AFL Great – Port Power’s Matthew White Visit – Saturday 30th April - Kids grab your guernseys for Matt's signature & get ready for some ‘Power Pointers’ from Matt during our training session.  Matt will be working with all age groups guiding & passing on some ‘Wingman & good Defence’ tips.  Being a great ‘Burst player’ with a good pace & great kicking & defence skills, Matt’s a good all-rounder for the game. Here's some of Matt's stats... Matt White started junior football with Sunbury, west of Melbourne and was recruited to the AFL by Richmond as an 18-year-old with pick #5 of the 2006 pre-season draft. He made his AFL debut in round 10, 2006 against Fremantle. In 2008, White played a career-high 20 games, averaging 13 disposals and kicking 11 goals for the season, and in 2009, White averaged 15 disposals in his 16 games. Under a new Richmond Coach, Matt was put into a more defensive role which he was also talented at. Matt's pace and aerobic capacity showed him to be a great burst player from the bench being very impressive. At the end of the 2013 AFL season, White joined the Port Adelaide Football Club.

Sharks Carnival Day @ AIS

Change of Date….now Kicking off on Saturday 7th May. This is a great competition ‘warm up’ for our Sharks to practice playing as a ‘team’ before our Carnival Clash with Hong Kong Dragons on 21 May.  Please register your child for the Carnival by emailing sharksfc@ais.com.sg with "Carnival Rego" in the Subject  and your participating child’s name and age group.  Details will follow on Teams before the Competition via the newsletter and also listed on the Sharks Facebook page a few days before the Carnival.  We will have the Sharks BBQ going and drinks available for all to enjoy, however please feel free to bring along a picnic, nibbles & drinks for a great ‘family Carnival Day’ atmosphere.

Hong Kong vs Sharks Carnival Clash on Saturday 21 May 

Time to put all our ‘drills skills’ into action, we have a title to defend against the Hong Kong Dragons!  Call for nominations for all age groups by registering your child  at sharksfc@ais.com.sg please title the email "HK" with your child’s name & age group. Teams will be arranged and published on Facebook & via the newsletter before the event. The Carnival will kick-off from 12pm and we will have a Dads' AFL 9s game at the end of the day to complete the challenge!  The BBQ will be operating all day by Habitat 4 Humanity with all BBQ funds raised going to their great cause.  In keeping with the ‘Carnival’ atmosphere, we welcome all families to hang around after the games for some drinks, watch the AFL on TV and mingle with our Hong Kong visitors.  Feel free to bring along some drinks & nibbles – Beer & Wine will also be available for our supporting Mums & Dads to kick back & hopefully enjoy the taste of a win!

Friday Night Games Under Lights on 27 May 

Our Sharks have all been keen for a game ‘under lights’. Saturday 28 May training will now be replaced with Friday Night under Lights games for all age groups!  Bring along your friends, a picnic basket & esky and watch the kids shine under lights kicking goals just like under the MCG spotlight! Kick-off time details to follow in next newsletter.

Sharks Bangkok Tour 2016

Sadly this year, the Sharks Bangkok Tour has been cancelled. A lot of effort from both the Sharks & Bangkok Committees was put into  arranging this Tour, however completely out of any control Bangkok has been unable to secure grounds for this Carnival Clash.  Thank you for your interest in this event and hopefully it will be back on track for 2017 season!

From the Oval 

What a theatrical and spectacular item Singapore threw at us on Saturday with one of the best storm hits since late last year. However, it wasn't enough to stop our Auskickers from going about their business on the field. With many Auskickers and coaches returning from holidays and enjoying the week's break, everyone was enthusiastic and keen to get amongst the footy.

Across all age groups, we continued to focus on game simulation and skill development. It is clearly evident that the fluency and skills learned are translating into our games.

Under 7's - A great week of listening and focussing on basic skills of the game. Something we will continue to focus on will be working as a team.

Under 9's - We continued to focus on game simulation and skills, whilst understanding that while being tackled, we have to get our arms up and use our bodies to avoid dispossession.

Under 11's and 12's+ - We revisited 'keeping's off' and worked hard on switching the ball, protecting our players and team voice. We reiterated that we play as we train and the emphasis was on ensuring we work for each other - All in all another great week and we look forward to further improvements.

A reminder this weekend that we have our AFL Level 1 Coaching Course available to any parents or coaches who are interested in participating. I encourage anyone interested to participate as this course will ensure that our coaching continues to raise the benchmark and that our Auskickers receive the best coaching techniques available.

Coach Murph

From the Gym  

Week 9 and the theme for the U6’s this week was kicking, with some other skills mixed in. It’s often difficult to have kicking skills without marking skills also. At this age, often making contact with the ball can be difficult as timing the drop and striking out of the hands is not a natural movement; however, with continued practise and repetition this skill, like many others, improves over time. With remaining sessions, we will look at combining different AFL skills that we have covered this year into one. The U5’s theme was on movement and handball. This started with a good old game of Wreck-It-Ralph before continuing our station work. Contact with the ball when handballing has improved immensely, now it’s time to continually rectify the technique for better efficiency.

Here are some teaching strategies for those playing at home.

• Kicking: ring fingers down the seams of the footy, arms extended (especially for those who kick with the knee); point the toes towards the target when kicking.

• Handballing: bend at the waist, ball on the platform hand, shallow backswing of the striking fist, catch the fist when striking (no massive follow-through).

Cheers, Stevo

Last Call to Table Captains to Register for the SSFC Annual Trivia Night…this Saturday 23 April  Time is running short, get your Table Registrations in fast!  At sharksfc@ais.com.sg  don’t forget to nominate your Team Name! Don’t skip this great night out! If you don’t have a full table of 10, just email us and we can T you up on a table! Otherwise, see you this Saturday night from 7pm for a fabulous ‘Footy’ night. Dress is casual.

Up and Coming Events Keep these dates free to join the fun with more information to follow in coming Newsletters:

  • SSFC annual Trivia Night Saturday 23 April
  • Port Power’s Matthew White Training Day Visit Saturday 30 April
  • Sharks Carnival Day on Saturday 7 May – Register your players now – Teams & Kick off time will be advised soon
  • Hong Kong Dragons Vs Singapore Sharks @ Shark Park Carnival Day Saturday 21 May - Teams will be advised closer to the day
  • Friday Night Under Lights Games – Friday 27 May – no training on Saturday 28 May
  • Bali 9s Masters in June
  • Footy Breakup & Trophies Day – Saturday June 4
  • Last Sharks Training Footy Day for 2016 Saturday June 18
  • ‘Lightning Rounds’ Competition Starts Saturday July 23rd

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