With the majority of schools on a break, there will be no Auskick program at the Australian International School this week. The program will resume next week April 13 at the usual times.

Coaches Corner

This week head coach Dale Carmody takes us through the highlights of the different age groups as the first half of the Singapore Sharks Football Club season.

We’ve had mixed luck with the weather but it is time to reflect on the first half of the program of which we have many highlights. The amount of kids running around on a Saturday afternoon playing Aussie Rules, the enthusiastic parents helping out with the coaching, the great new kit that really does look amazing and the amount of mature, slow, balding, not as slim as they once were Dad’s having a kick after the kids have finished is what this great game of Aussie Rules is all about.


The pre-schoolers are having a great time with a devoted group of parents led by Ian. They are running, jumping dodging etc and all while getting a feel for the football and learning the key basic skills required to play the game as they get older. It is a fun, game based environment where they are gaining a solid grounding in their ball handling.

Year Prep/1

These kids would have to be one of the most unlucky groups weather wise. This lot is also focusing on the basic skills of the game, kicking, handballing and marking through a series of skill rotations in small groups. The amount of parent help leads to a ratio of 1:6 adults to kids most weeks. This means that over the session the kids touch the ball hundreds of times and this is great for their development.

Year 2/3

This is the ‘lightning’ group as the strikes tend to begin during their timeslot! This age group is beginning to work towards games. It is still very important that they have a skill development component to their sessions as they are in the very early stages of learning the key skills. We have moved them into some more competitive drills and they are practicing tackling techniques so they will be ready for games in the second half of the season. If we can just get them outside for a full session it would be great.

Year 4/5

Skills and games are the focus for this group. This is our smallest group and the one yet to be affected by the weather. The focus of the last few weeks has been tackling and competitive work in order to build into games. It really has been fantastic to see the kids in this group put into play what they are being taught in the skill rotations. The tackling in this week’s game was very good with very few free kicks given away due to poor technique. Games will continue for this group, as well as skill development in the first half of their sessions.

Year 6+

Games are on in full swing and the boys are really enjoying themselves under coaches Schaefer and Chegwin. This group loves the competitive nature of the game and watching the Everitt boys going at each other on the weekend was one of the reasons we love our game. The boys are putting all of what they have been taught into practice in hard fought, competitive and fun games.

The theme running through all of our groups is fun and skill development. None of this is possible without the unbelievable parent support that we have in each age group. I cannot thank enough the Dad’s and Mum’s who are out there with the kids showing them the skills of the game and having fun at the same time. Please keep it up as it is vital to the ongoing success of the program.

See you all on April 13!

Wombats 20th Anniversary

As part of the Wombats 20th Anniversary this year, the Sharks Dad’s team has been invited to play one, possibly two, games on April 27 at Dempsey. We will be playing The Wombats Legends and possibly a shortened game vs the Navy which are expected to be in town.

The first game is scheduled to kick-off at 10:30am and both games are expected to finish around 12:30pm, enabling those participating to get home, shower and get back to AIS for training on Saturday afternoon.

Mark the date down in your diary as we would love to see as many of the Singapore Sharks Football Club community at the game cheering on the “old boys”.

Sponsor News

The following was an insert in the ‘Dis n Dat’ April newsletter of Asian Tigers Mobility. This newsletter is distributed to various outlets within Singapore and also goes out to all corporate clients and new arrivals.

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