This week is the first of our trips away with the kids heading to Hong Kong. There are 35 kids taking part in the tour which promises to be an exciting time for all participants. We’ll have a full wrap-up of the activities in next week’s newsletter.

Even though a number of the coaches are taking part in the Hong Kong tour, Aussie Rules at AIS will be on again as per normal this week.

The Melbourne tour is also progressing well. If you have registered, or would like to attend, please email Nick Carracher through with your intention. It promises to be a great tour with the kids having a run on Etihad Stadium at half-time in the Hawthorn vs West Coast game on June 21 while a game on Sunday, June 23 against Ivanhoe is also in the pipeline.

The Dads head off to Bali on June 7 & 8 for the Bali Masters and the “old boys” have been training the house down in preparation for this annual event.

Triva Night

For those that couldn’t make it the Trivia Night at Hollandse Club last Saturday night was a huge success and even more amount of fun. The winning table was Liz Chegwin’s table. As some bright spark said: “They obviously have too much time on their hands reading woman magazines and spending a lot of time on google. I’m happy to be a dummy!” More than $20,000 was raised on the evening through our auctions, silent auctions and the corners game, where there was some spirited bidding.

As Cheggars kept saying prompting the punters to hit their pockets: “It’s all for the kids”.

Thank you to all the sponsors, the bidders, the attendees and also to Nick C, Nick T, Whitey and of course Cheggers who spent the time to ensure a smooth evening.

Mothers’ Day game

It was great to see the mum’s (and dad’s!) out there on the oval before Mother’s Day having a kick in the spirit of Aussie Rules with their sons and daughters last Saturday. That is the club spirit we like to see at Singapore Sharks Football Club, everyone getting in and having a go.

Lost and Found

Last week a mouthguard was left behind at AIS following the Year 6 and over age group’s training. It was left down at the main table area. It is a dentist made mouthguard with the name “Harry” inscribed in it. If anyone happened to pick it after Aussie Rules last week, could you please return to the main table at training this week.

Photos and Trophies

As many families take off for the holidays immediately after the end of school break-up on the 14th of June, we intend to have the group photos and trophies a little earlier this year. The group photos will take place at the beginning of each session on Saturday May 25 and the trophy hand-out the week after on June 1. More details to come in next week's newsletter.

Footy Tipping

This weeks $50 Dallas or Rotisserie voucher is Theoswans aka Theo Manziy who correctly tipped 8 winners with a 15pt margin on Friday nights game.  Well done Theo! Its still nice and tight at the top led by David W and Zac Batagol on 51pts, but there still a long way to go!  Tips in by first bounce Friday night!

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